If document's purpose is to obtain visa from any country, marry a foreigner, employment overseas etc., it is required to have all the documents duly authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs.  And each document doesn't go through the same process, each has different authentication procedures to go through and processing duration varies.

Here's a few listing of documents that can be authenticated by the DFA:

      - Transcript of Records
      - College Diploma
      - High School Form 137
      - High School Diploma
      - NBI Clearance

      - NSO Birth/CENOMAR/MARRIAGE/DEATH Certificate
      -Certificate of Employment
      - Job Description
      - PRC License, Rating, Board Certificate
      - Annulment Papers

      - ETC..........

Sit back and relax!  No need to absent for work. These certificates can now be processed and have it delivered to anywhere you want to.  Guaranteed authentic.